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Our Concept of business

It is small a world in today’s Industrial scenario. Everybody can be a competitor to any activity/services. It is extremely difficult to survive in this highly volatile and cut throat competitive challenge in the prevailing global recession, until unless you have visible cutting edge over others and seen as prominent among the prominents.

It is customer’s world, who has plenty of choice to meet their requirement to their satisfaction. So you have to be unique to satisfy the customers for the existence in the competitive market.

How may we enhance MSME's performance?

Following is a list of sample guidelines and issues, which should be taken into consideration in order to understand how M/S T4 PBS work to develop and support MSMEs. This process is known to have a competitive cutting edge over other successfully afloat companies, in their respective markets.

The relevant aspects are:

  1. Optimum utilization of Human resource, a vital asset.
  2. Optimum utilization of available technologies.
  3. Know your strength and weakness i.e. SWOT Analysis.
  4. Identification of training needs of workforce.
  5. Skill development of HR in their respective area of work.
  6. Up-gradation of Technology to compete in the market.
  7. Innovative marketing technique to promote your product.
  8. Effective Financial/Fund Management.
  9. Efficient Working capital management.
  10. Statutory requirement and to address appropriately.
  11. Appropriate Manpower requirement and motivation.
  12. Be a leader not a Manager. Effective mentoring.
  13. Involvement of workforce. A successful team work.
  14. Effective way to implant system for better result. A success path.
  15. Involvement-Achievement-Reaction to work together–Team spirit.
  16. Be optimist not pessimist. Winner never lose- be positive.
  17. Your knowledge of your close rival. A critical survey.
  18. Your expectation from your staff & vice versa- an introspection.
  19. More effective management concept. Practical aspect of successful management strategies.
  20. System of monitoring, feed back & corrective action (QMS).
  21. Why Quality Management System (QMS), an important aspect.
  22. Identification of “Chimneys” in an organization to address bottlenecks for smooth functioning of a system.
  23. Identification of inventory & its requirement to reduce cost and implement “Just in Time”.
  24. Concept of organization hierarchy and its relevance.
  25. Effective implementation of 6 Sigma
  26. Lean manufacturing approach

Our Methodology

The 10 commandments that we follow:

  1. Baseline survey for any project/process implementation/improvement & report with definite work-area for proposed Projects.
  2. Identify the area which has potential to improve.
  3. Any financial implication and its quantum with effectivness.
  4. Identify the type of additional requirement with estimated cost and measurable results with its economical viability.
  5. Submission of project proposal with Cost Estimation, duration, Term Of Reference (TOR) etc...
  6. Implementation of the project with clear cut achievement over the present status.
  7. Follow up of post implementation of the project.
  8. Suggest improvement in the weak area with justification on implementation for better result.
  9. Offer post implementation service for final improvement.
  10. Handshaking & good bye.

NB This methodology can be undertaken for a particular organization or a cluster organizations. This methodology minimises the risk of faliure to the bare minimum, once its effectilvely implemented. It has implemented many-a-times by various members of T4PBS, during their professional career.

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