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IT Solutions

We provide a complete set of reliable IT solutions for all projects in both the public and the private sectors. Our main intention in providing these solutions and services is to enable businesses and projects to achive more with the minimum effort.

Some of our IT solutions that shall enable businesses to accelarate their growth are:
  • All customized software development and support solutions.
  • All network (WAN & LAN) and internet solutions.
  • Computer hardware solutions (maintenence and acquisition).
  • SAP and specialized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consulting and implementation services.
  • CRM (Customer Relationshiop Management) and implementation solutions.
  • Set up database and data warehousing solutions.
  • Data cleansing, profiling, reporting and other BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.
  • Bulk data storage solutions (including both storage space and backup services).
  • Enabling you and your business to make international benchmarks via Internet Marketing (IM) solutions.

NB** If you may need any information or quotation on any of the above mentioned services, please contact us at info@t4pbs.com and we shall be glad to assist.

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