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      One CPSU has seven Technical units, in different parts of India. All the Centre are more than 50 years old and engaged in their core activity of skill development and supplying skilled manpower to SMEs, Technical Support Service to SMEs in terms of providing Common facility services, 3rd party inspection, Entrepreneurship Development among unemployed youths, project reports facilitation for fund arrangement, Energy Audit etc. The challenge was to make these units a profit Centre, which have never made break even since inception. One of our experts in the group (EGoP) was given this challenge in 2009-2010. The same financial year all the units made profit though some of them could not achieve the target but become a profit centres in the history of the CPSU. In the 2nd year, all the units made profit to the tune of 2-3 times of the target given to those units for 2010-11. This was the magical “Turn Around” of these technical units and growth is going high under the Leadership of our EGoPs.


      One of CPSUs has made an impact in the Japanese soil so much that this unit competed with Japanese firms to quote to supply Leather Machinery. This unit had grabbed the order to supply 25 leather machinery to a Japanese company, challenging the other Japanese Companies, engaged in that line. Finally the CPSU had supplied all the machinery within stipulated period and to the satisfaction of the Japanese company in all respect. This challenge was undertaken by one of our senior experts in the “EGoP”.


      More than 1000 SMEs were given technology & skill development support to enhance their industry performance by one of th EGoP's of T4 PBS. This was achieved during a 7 year foreign assignment trip. This resulted in establishing 50 SMEs by various entrepreneurs aborad.


      In 1992-1993, ISO 9000 QMS (Quality Management System) was accredited in 7 months record time, during this period in a private sector as management representative for the company .


      One of the of the EGoP's of T4PBS as a Project Director established four CNC (Computerized Numerically Controlled) precision machining and training workshops. One of them being in the public sector and the other three were established in the private sector.

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